Friday, July 31, 2009

Siblings in the City

Hi, Everyone,

The docs okayed Barry’s release this morning, so he’ll be joining Melanie back at the apartment by early evening today; another hurdle behind us. I know he’s looking forward to being in his own bed, watching his own TV, and won’t miss being woken up several times a night by the efficient Mt Sinai staff.

Melanie is better now, but had a rough morning, feeling sore, nauseous, and just generally very uncomfortable. She sounded better by noon or so, saying that she’d probably done a bit too much yesterday, and was definitely going to take it easier today. Good idea, Ms. M - Never miss the opportunity to do as little as possible when an iron-clad excuse is at hand – Bad TV and pampering are definitely on the weekend menu.

I know some of you have had trouble posting messages to this site, so if you’d like to get a message through, feel free use my email address, and I’ll forward it on from there:

It was just about 6 mos ago that we became aware that Barry would be on dialysis until a new kidney could be found - And now here we are, successful transplant behind us. I don’t care how many times a year they perform these surgeries, it still seems like a miracle to me that a person’s entire future can be changed in the space of a few hours; unbelievable but true.

You all deserve a few deep, cleansing breaths – Consider yourselves hugged across the internet and have a good weekend.

With love and appreciation, Renee & Co.


  1. May this be a day of rest and restoration and pampering and feeling better each moment!

  2. There are some great I LOVE LUCY episodes to watch. Hope you're enjoying your R&R.

    Gail & Brad