Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Hi, Everyone,

Melanie’s in recovery waiting for a private room. She came through the surgery very well, but is definitely in some pain and just generally exhausted. They’re being very cautious of her latex allergy situation, and may have her go back to Barry & David’s home earlier than they might w/another patient, to avoid any allergy repercussions, but it’s too soon to make that decision. For now they’re focused on keeping her as comfortable as possible, making sure her body is functioning well, and getting her into a nice room ASAP.

Barry is also now in recovery! He came through the surgery so well, his kidney is already happily cooperating with all of his other healthy, neighboring organs. The doctors are doing ultrasounds and monitoring him very closely in these hours post-surgery, but so far, so very, very good.

According to Ruth and David, both patients are a bit pale, tired and uncomfortable, but quite coherent, talking and falling in and out of sleep, as would be expected.

Naomi arrived in Manhattan this afternoon, dropped her things off at the home of her wonderful in-law’s, Sue and Ivan Rosenblum, and came directly to Mt. Sinai to take her place at her mother’s bedside. Ruth and David are happy for the extra pair of capable hands, and I’m sure her mommy was very happy to see her.

Time for us all to take a collective deep breath, and be grateful for having arrived in this moment - A less anxious, frightening place than we were in just 24 hours ago.

I’ll likely do one more post this evening, and of course a morning update, but at least we’ve gotten this far

Thank you all, Renee

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