Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Last update of the evening:

Melanie and Barry both out of recovery and into individual rooms on the same floor, different wings (Ruth, David & Naomi are getting great exercise).

Melanie is still in quite a bit of pain, but resting comfortably now. The nurses weren’t quite as proactive as they should have been in relation to her latex allergies, but Naomi was persistent, found a staff member who actually listened to their concerns, and got it taken care of. The night nurse sounds like a good fit.

Barry is doing really well, all ultrasounds show a best case scenario, post-op status, and he sounds like he already feels so much better now that his body has the necessary tools to make him well. I spoke to him an hour or so ago, and he was already responding to emails on his Blackberry about a sweater order – Such a slacker, that one!

Ruth & David are home at the apartment, Naomi’s staying with her in-laws, and all is well.

Goodnight and sleep well – More updates tomorrow, Renee


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  2. So happy to hear the news that all are safe and sound! Sending huge blessings from California for speedy and complete healing! XXX Arlene