Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hi, Everyone - Sorry no postings for awhile, but here’s an update:

Melanie is doing fairly well, but now that the honeymoon-period of successfully surviving a kidney removal is past, the challenge of fully recovering from major surgery has set in, with all of its ups and downs.

The pain medication originally prescribed was making her nauseous, no appetite, not enough relief, etc, so they’ve switched her meds to something more effective. Today she’s feeling a bit better, able to eat a little, walk a little more, and is getting out for short periods of time for fresh air. She has a check-up appointment on Monday, and we’ll know more after that regarding how long she’ll stay in NY before coming back to SF.

Barry wasn’t feeling so well by last night (Sat), so they’ve checked him back into Mt. Sinai where they’re making sure his vital signs, labs, input & output of fluids, medications, etc, stay in healthy, normal levels. He has his own room, own excellent nurse, and with Ruth, David, Naomi & Gary there, enough attention to go around.

That’s the up to date news, more as I know it, Renee

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  1. Wishing both Barry and Melanie a speedy recovery and a HUGE Happy Birthday to Barry...
    All my best,
    Ruth(ie) Hirsch Josa