Tuesday, July 28, 2009

4:25am SF time

They wheeled Melanie into surgery at 6:39 and Barry at 7:01am NY time

A few funny things from Ruth & David:

1) Melanie split for the surgery room without taking a moment to say goodbye to them, even though the docs gave her the opportunity to do so – According to Ruth: "She didn't say goodbye, so long, I love you, go to hell – Nothing!!" Barry had to come back to tell them she even left; what a cool customer she is!

2) When they took Barry to surgery, they gave Ruth a "pager", which apparently looks exactly like those blinking things they give you when you're waiting for a table in a restaurant - It blinks and you go to the front desk to learn the status of the surgery - Actually a good idea.

3) They have a "big board" that looks like the ones at airports telling the flight status - Both "B. Miguel" and "M. Miguel" are up there and listed as "in process" - Also a worthy innovation.

Now that two of her three chicks have headed off to surgery, Ruth has headed for the hospital chapel. I’m joining her there in spirit, and invite you to do the same.

It’ll likely be several hours before we have more news, but stay posted throughout the day.

This is it, think good thought, Renee

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