Saturday, August 15, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig!!!

Yes, he's home, just a few feet away from where I right this, already making suggestions to this post (everybody's a critic).

Though he's not quite ready for a marathon, he's walking about, eating well, and has more color in his face than he has in many months. He's already making noises about getting back to work (such a slacker, this one), so I'm happy that wiser heads will provail; Tracy Reese herself has told him he's not to drop-by under any circumstances, and bless her for that.

I got to see Melanie for a short while before leaving SF, and she's looking great, happy to be home and able to assist the lovely Yasmine with back-to-school shopping. Our thanks to all of her friends and particularly Ivria for being such a thoughtful daughter (who can actually cook, too). Melanie has a few post-surgical scars on her abdomen now, so I'm afraid that's the end of her swimsuit modeling career, but something had to be sacrificed.

Barry even got a chance to see Zev and Summer before they took off for their camping trip (not sure being on the beach in East Hampton, showering and dining with lovely friends each night, quite qualifies as “camping”…..), and the kids are so happy to have their Daddy Barry at home – It’s always nice to feel missed, and he certainly was.

With the rest of the gang off, it’s just Ruth, I and Barry – Ron’s planning on coming out as soon as he can get away from SF, and I’m staying until Sarah and Steve come out on the 26th for her Rutgers orientation.

That’s all the news for now, and we’re all so happy to have gotten to this point – Strong DNA must run in the Miguel genes, that’s for sure.

Thanks to you all for hanging in there with us, I’ll be in touch with one or two more posts before we wrap up this saga, Renee

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