Friday, August 7, 2009

Hi, Everyone - So sorry for the delay; just a bit busy around here.

This update will be brief, but I’ll post a somewhat more detailed message later this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

All news is good – Melanie’s not 100% yet, but is feeling better & stronger every day. She’s been running short errands with Naomi, getting a little fresh air, and is scheduled to come home next Wed, 8/12 in the afternoon.

Barry is also doing better every day. There was a bit of a glitch for a few days while the transplant team careful modulated his post-surgical meds, etc, but he’s feeling much better today, and all labs show clear improvement. As impatient as we all are for him to be up and running, the doctors are being appropriately circumspect in their care, and we appreciate their cautious, thorough methods and sensitivity.

We know he’s feeling better, because he’s begun to complain about too many Miguel gals in his room at once – Something about us “talking too much”. I have no idea what he’s referring to, but if you’d like to discuss it further, feel free to call me, Ruth, Melanie, Naomi, or all of us (conference call, anyone?) and we'll all chat about it for awhile.

More soon, thanks for hanging in there with us, Renee

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