Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hi, everyone and thank you for visiting our Miguel Transplant Central information site. The current info is:

Who: Renee Miguel (little sister) & Barry Miguel (big brother)

What: Kidney transplant

When: Thursday, July 9th, ‘09

Why: He needs one, I have two

Where: Mt. Sinai Hospital, NY, NY (Yes, that’s Upper East Side)

Various details: Our mother Ruth and I will leave for NY on Monday, 7/6, Barry and I have an appt at Sinai on Tues, then surgery on Thursday. We will each be in hospital for 3 to 5 days and then continue our recovery back at Barry & David’s city home. I will be staying in NY for two weeks post surgery and then returning to San Francisco/Santa Rosa.

Ruth & David will be our “in house” Home Healthcare Team, and our wonderful sister Melanie’s two eldest daughters, Naomi & Ivria, have very generously offered to be our Errand-running and Take-out dinner Specialists. It may also be necessary to talk David and Melanie into a batch or two of their equally amazing chocolate chip cookies, widely known for their holistic healing powers.

Our dad, Ron, will be posting daily health status reports while we’re at Sinai, after which we’ll be posting on our own from home.

Again, thanks for visiting our website – Feel free to post comments, wishes, inquiries – We’ll be in touch soon, closer to the date of surgery.

Renee & Barry Miguel


  1. Good vibes, good energy, and lots of love are coming your way from the Oakland Hills.

  2. The surgery is on my birthday, so that is a good sign!!!!!
    An old one, but a good one.
    Good luck from Betty and Sanfy.

  3. I'll send out the cookies with Mom to fill you both with love from me. I'll keep track of the girls still here, Yasmine, Rachel & Sarah. Kisses & Hugs

  4. Dogs of Doyle say: Tails Up to You

  5. We send you wags and kisses from Moraga.

  6. Slight change of plans. Renee went to NY last Wednesday to interface with the Doc's and finish testing.

  7. Barry and Renee, you will both be in my thoughts. Best luck with the surgery and recovery. You are both inspirations!

    Ron Hipschman

  8. Renee, you are a good, good sister. You must have a good brother too. Blue skies for you both, this week and all the weeks to come.

    Ron and Daisy

  9. Renee:
    I just found out about all this. We are keeping you and Barry in our thoughts and prayers. Blessings to all of you.
    Christopher, Debbie, Jonathan, and Annie Girl (Doyle Park)

  10. Ruth took off for New York about 9am this morning. Spoke with Renee earlier. All sounds good at this point.